NAMM x Donner 2023: HUSH Series Headless Guitar New Members

Anaheim, CA – (April 12, 2023) Donner has announced the launch of the latest addition to their HUSH lineup, the HUSH-X Headless Electric Guitar, following the release of the HUSH-I silent acoustic guitar in 2022.


Additionally, at NAMM 2023, Donner HUSH-I Silent Acoustic Guitar launched in 2022 is adding a host of new colors including Black and Sunburst.

Best Partner for Travel

Donner HUSH-I portable guitar is as lightweight as a laptop with a HEADLESS design, button tuners, and removable frames. The gig bag provided measures 33.5"x 6.7"x 2.2" and can fit in the airplane overhead bin. Take music on the go with you.

Practice Anytime, Anywhere

Ultra-quiet performance, equipped with a preamp system delivers a natural-sounding acoustic tone through headphones or the 6.35 port output. Powered by an outfitted 9v battery attached, providing 50 hours of headphone usage or 30 days of 6.35 speaker usage. You can enjoy your performance on stage or practice quietly at home without worrying about running out of battery or noise nuisance anymore.

Superior Sound Quality

The ideal practice guitar is equipped with an anti-phase bottom for noise reduction, feedback elimination, and a purer sound. The 2-stage EQ and volume knobs allow for customizable tones whether strumming chords or playing solos.

Make Practice More Comfortable

The HUSH-I headless guitar has an asymmetrical guitar neck, which helps players perform better both in higher and lower neck positions while reducing wrist fatigue during long practice sessions. HUSH-I's customized round frets are beginner-friendly and help prevent finger cuts during practice.

Hidden tuning keys

The hidden storage, anti-drop magnet design tuning key is suitable for neck tuning, bottom tuners, and frame screw installation, ensuring you won't lose this small yet important accessory easily.

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