The perfect gifts for the musicians in your life this Christmas

Buying gifts for musicians or the musically-curious can be tricky, especially considering there’s such a wide range to choose from. To help you choose judiciously this Christmas, we’ve selected four excellent products from the ultra-modern instrument developers and manufacturers, Donner.

To help you choose judiciously this Christmas, we’ve selected four excellent products from the ultra-modern instrument developers and manufacturers, Donner. Under the brand names Donner, Eastar, Moukey and Reditmo, Donner’s stock ranges from digital pianos to electric and acoustic drumkits, guitars, effects pedals, and harps.

We’ve selected four items that’ll appeal to beginners, experimentalists and seasoned professionals. 

Donner DEP-10: Full-size digital keyboard w/stand and 3-pedal unit

Donner’s DEP-10 is a full-size, semi-weighted 88-key digital keyboard. The portable item comes with a stand and a 3-pedal unit, which essentially turns it into an upright piano. The three pedals – soft, sustain, and sostenuto – come attached to the wooden stand.

Given its semi-weighted keys, the instrument feels half-way between a piano and a conventional keyboard. The keyboard features 128-note polyphony, meaning you can have 128 different sounds playing at once. This is regarded as the premium note capacity, surpassing the 48-note and 64-note polyphony keyboards of yesteryear.

You can also choose between eight sound libraries, including acoustic grand piano, bright acoustic piano, electric grand piano, chorus piano, harpsichord, vibrating harp, church organ, and strings ensemble.

Eastar EP-10: Foldable portable electric piano

The EP-10 from Donner’s Eastar line is a full size, semi-weighted 88-key electric piano. What distinguishes the EP-10 is the fact that it folds in half, thereby allowing for maximum portability.

Courtesy of an innovative folding hinge, once folded, the EP-10 will fit into a custom-designed piano bag, which is included in the price. The EP-10 weighs just four kilograms, meaning even the most barbell-wary musician will be able to carry it with ease.

The Easter EP-10 also comes with a sheet music stand and a sustain pedal, the latter of which helps to optimise the expressiveness of the instrument’s lossless stereo sound quality.

Donner DEP-20: Fully-weighted digital piano w/ sustain pedal

Donner’s DEP-20 is a digital piano that features 88 fully-weighted keys. With a sustain pedal also included, the DEP-20 is an accurate simulation of an upright piano. The pedal is made from zinc alloy, which further contributes to the authentic feeling of the product.

One of the more innovative technologies present in the DEP-20 is its split keyboard setting, which divides the keyboard into two parts so that players can access two different sound libraries at once.

Much like the DEP-10, the DEP-20 features 128-note polyphony. However, it’s a significant upgrade when it comes to the tones on offer, with a total of 238 premium sound libraries built into the product.

Donner EDS-220: mini drum kit w/ throne, cymbals, pedals and drumsticks

There’s a famous maxim in the music world: a band is only as good as its drummer. Donner’s EDS-220 is an ideal beginners’ kit, suitable for players three years and over.

The EDS-220 comes with a snare drum, kick drum, two rack toms and a floor tom. The package would not be complete with the hi-hats and hi-hat stand, crash cymbal and cymbal stand. All other stands are included with the product (i.e. snare and tom stands), and so too is the bass drum pedal.

This package is so comprehensive that it also includes an adjustable drum seat (max weight 90kg) and two drum sticks. It seems fair to presume that many of tomorrow’s best bands will have the EDS-220 to thank.

Head to Donner Music to check out their entire range.


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