Donner DDP-90 Upright Digital Piano 88-Key Weighted Black and Flip Cover Design

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Flip-top design
Serve as a simple table
Built-in cover retarder to protect the electric keyboard from dust and prevent hand pinching.
Express Yourself with Donner Responsive Hammer-Action Keyboard
  • Style meets substance with the DDP-90 digital piano 88 key weighted, which combines its minimalist look with heavyweight keyboar that makes it a dream to play.
  • Just as acoustic pianos utilise heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers, DDP-90 weighted keyboard piano has adjustable touch response, precisely matching the finger strength changes. Such details provide greater stability during fortissimo passages, while preserving delicate pianissimo control, to satisfy the demands of beginner pianist.
  • Sound - Rich, Dynamic, Expressive
  • Both the French DREAM sound source solution and the DONNER Custom Development GM Tone Libraryare are faithfully reproduced with full 88-key sampling, establishing a new standard in afforable-priced digital piano tonal quality.
  • Maximum 128 polyphony reduce lost notes. Optimised sustain curve for playing notes with more emotion.
  • Grand Feel Pedal System: Soft Pedal - make the tone soft; Sostenuto Pedal - decrease the damper effect by pressing pedal halfway; Sustain Pedal - continue the previous tone.
  • Uncluttered Appearance, Compact Cabinet Design
  • The DDP-90’s simple yet attractive cabinet incorporates double side arms and wooden toe blocks for additional stability.
  • It is also a relatively compact instrument, making it well-suited to apartments and other narrow spaces.
  • The digital piano 88 key weighted features a cover and the built-in cover retarder to protect the electric keyboard from dust and prevent hand pinching.
  • The music rest that can be folded flat when not required.

  • Designed for compact home use, the DDP-90 electric piano is smaller and lighter than a normal piano without compromising on sound quality. Its excellent flip cover comes with a slow closing function to protect your hands and keyboard, while the headphone mode is perfect for late-night practice or where speakers are not suitable without disturbing others.
  • The DDP-90 offers multiple device connecting options, including USB-MP3 playing, PC/Laptop/Tablet/Smartphone USB MIDI connecting, external sound support, and headphone use, making it versatile for various music applications.
  • With 128-note polyphony, the DDP-90 offers stunning and realistic-sounding performances, while the metal triple-pedal system allows for soft, sostenuto, and sustain pedal functions.
  • Rely on Donner's strong and efficient research & development team, dedicated to creating innovative and high-quality instruments that inspire professionals and beginners alike. Make music that you love and music that excites you with the Donner DDP-90 weighted 88 key electric piano. Start your musical journey today!
  • --- Tips Must See:
  • The headphone jack is under the keyboard. (6.35mm - 1/4 inch)
  • The triple pedals jack is under the keyboard. (5-pin)
  • If you are close to a TV or in a complicated environment, there will be a certain chance that the piano's tone and resonance will be affected. Please keep a suitable open space.
  • The product is unassembled when it arrives, please assemble the product according to the instructions. (If you find any parts are missing, please let us know in time and we will handle it for you.)
  • Package List
    • 1 x Donner DDP-90 Piano
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 1 x Triple Pedal
    • 1 x Pedal Plate Bridge
    • 1 x Left and Right Supporting Plate
    • 2 x Left and Right Supporting Column
    • 1 x Black Fixed Plate
    • 8 Spiles and 16 Screws

    Donner DDP-400 88 Key Weighted Keyboard DDP-100 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano DDP-80 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Piano DDP-90 Digital Piano
    DDP-400 DDP-100 DDP-80 DDP-90
    Keyboard Donner Progressive Hammer Action Donner Hammer-Action Donner Hammer-Action II Donner Hammer-Action
    Keys Number 88 Keys 88 Keys 88 Keys 88 Keys
    Timbre/Polyphony 128/128 1/128 1/128 1/128
    USB MIDI Connectivity
    Headphone Mode
    Triple Pedal
    Piano Cover Sliding Pushpull × Flip-top Lid
    Amplifier 15 W x 2 25 W x 2 20 W x 2 15 W x 2


    Ask a Question
    • If you are using the headphone jack will the speakers be disabled?

      Yes. The headphone jacks are underneath the piano on the left side. When the headphones are plugged in, the sound only goes to the headphones.

    • do any of your keyboards tune to 432hz?

      No, it is programmed and cannot be changed.

    • Does this model have only grand piano sound built in or does it have organ, electric piano etc

      Only piano.

    • Do the keys have varying weights from low notes to high notes?

      Yes! It sounds very much like a real piano and your technique actually matters!

    • Any instruction on how to hook this up to an android tablet to use with a piano lesson app? The mic on the tablet doesn't pick up all the notes.

      Dear Customer, you can connect to a computer through the USB/MIDI interface on the piano, but please note that the piano cannot be used with a microphone.

    • I just bought this piano. Which headphones go good with this piano?

      Dear Customer, The headphone jack is a 3/4 inch(6.35mm), you can choose headphones with this type of interface.

    • Can i record onto my computer daw with this piano?

      Yes, you could record onto your computer daw with this piano. There is a USB transmission interface that can be connected to the computer. Through the installed music software on the computer, you can learn or play the keyboard to perform, compose, and store the music. Hope the above helps.

    • What do I need to connect the piano to my laptop

      This product has a MIDI socket and a USB/MIDI interface for connecting to a computer.

    • What's the voltage?

      Dear Customer, the voltage is 12V 5A.

    • Does the piano come with a warranty in case it arrives broken in some way?

      Dear Customer, the warranty period of this piano is 2 years, if there are any product problems within the warranty period, we will be responsible for your purchase. Hope this reply is helpful for you.

    • What is the width and height of the piano in ft?

      Dear Customer, the size of this piano is 4.5*1.1*2.6ft/ 54.1*13.7*30.7in (Piano Wight : 72.7lb).

    • Can it transpose

      No but any true piano player will learn to play in any key. Hope that helps

    • does this piano have more than 1 sound? Fir example grand piano, electric piano etc. ?

      No just one sound regular piano real good sound

    • Is there a recommendation on what height of bench I should purchase?

      You can choose a bench with a height between 43-50 cm. You can consider our bench.

    • Does this piano have more than 1 sound?

      128 polyphony meets your fast trills playing. And this piano keyboard has a metal 3-pedal system: Soft / Sustain/ Sostenuto Pedal to ensure the quality of your playing, and aim to create new experiences in music and performance.

    • Are the keys of the piano full-size?

      The piano has 88 full-size keys.

    • What is the difference between ddp-90 and the ddp-100? similar in price but can't find answer anywhere..

      Theone is flip cover and another one is push-pull cover. The larger box (DDP-100) will perform better sound effects; DDP-90 is exquisite and compact, relatively speaking, it takes up less space and is easier to move and place at home

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