Bigger and More Accurate - DONNER DED-200 MAX Upgraded Drum Tops with Increased Size and Great Feeling


Donner has consistently delivered high-quality electronic drum kits, and their latest offering, the Donner DED-200 MAX electronic drum kit, takes their classic model to new heights. Building upon the success of the original DED-200, the DED-200 MAX introduces several enhancements and upgrades that make it a standout choice for drummers of all levels. Available now in our online store, let's explore what sets the DED-200 MAX apart from its predecessor and why it's a must-have for drummers seeking a superior playing experience.



Main Body

Experience the Difference of Mesh Heads

The DED-200 MAX features next-level 2-ply mesh drumheads that provide an exceptional playing feel and dynamic tracking. These durable mesh heads offer a level of responsiveness and expressiveness that drummers will appreciate, ensuring that every stroke is accurately captured and articulated.


Pro Feel

One of the key upgrades of the DED-200 MAX is its pro-level feel. With realistic drum shell construction and genuine drum metal hoops, this electronic drum kit delivers an authentic drumming experience. Drummers will enjoy the superior visual aesthetics and tactile response that the DED-200 MAX offers, making it feel like playing on a real acoustic drum set.


Larger and More Precise

Compared to its predecessor, the DED-200 MAX features larger and more precise hit detection points. With a 12'' crash cymbal, 12'' ride cymbal, 10'' snare drum, 10'' tom3, and 10'' hi-hat, drummers can achieve enhanced accuracy and nuance in their playing. These upgraded components ensure that every stroke is captured with precision and clarity.


Diverse Sounds Selection

The DED-200 MAX boasts a vast array of sounds and drum kits, offering 450 high-quality sounds and 31 classic and modern drum kits to choose from. Whether you're into acoustic drum sounds, electronic percussion, or hybrid kits, the DED-200 MAX has the versatility to suit any musical genre or playing style.


Powerful Features

Equipped with a range of powerful features, the DED-200 MAX enhances the drumming experience. With 50 built-in play-along songs, a sequencer, metronome, auxiliary input, and recording function, drummers have everything they need to practice, create, and perform. The kit's MP3 player and smartphone compatibility further expand its capabilities, making it ideal for home practice or live performances.


Complete Accessories

The DED-200 MAX comes complete with all the accessories you need to get started, including a foldable iron metal stand with a stable 4-post aluminum rack, hi-hat control pedal, bass drum pedal, headphones, drum throne, audio cable, and drumsticks. With these accessories, setting up your kit is quick and easy, allowing you to focus on your drumming.



The Donner DED-200 MAX electronic drum kit represents the evolution of a classic model, offering enhanced features and performance capabilities. With limited stock available, don't miss your chance to upgrade your drumming experience with the DED-200 MAX. Shop now and discover why it's the preferred choice for drummers looking for a better electronic drum kit.

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