Call For Buyer's Photos/Videos on DPP80 Digital Piano

Hello Donner customers! Are you enjoying your DDP-80 digital piano? We want to hear about your experience using it and see some photos or videos of you playing it! We're calling for buyer's photos and videos on our DDP-80 digital piano, which can greatly help us to improve our products and customer experience. And as a thank you for your participation, we're giving away some exciting rewards!

1. When the number of participants reaches 3, we will select 1 winner who get highest number of likes to get $30 OFF coupon. (Orders greater than A$100 can be used.)
👍 Just need to:
1. Post pictures/videos of the DDP-80 digital piano and your reviews on your social media platform (such as FB/INS).

-Instagram: View more

-Facebook: View more

2. Instagram Tag @donnermusic_au or Facebook Tag@DonnerMusicAU

📍 Please note:
1. Time: Apr.7 - Apr.23.
2. Winners will be announced on April 24th then we will send the coupon codes to the winners.
3. All coupons can only be used once and are valid until April 30th.
4. Once you participate in this activity, Donner can use your photo or video for promotion on our website or social media.
5. All rights reserved by Donner.
6. Please don't trust any fake accounts.




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