DDP-80 Vintage-Modern Digital Piano Review by Jewell Fortenberry

Donner DDP-80 is literally one of the most talked about wooden digital pianos among musicians and music learners. In his review, fusion keyboard player Jewell Fortenberry shares his viewpoints on the digital piano, why it meets the needs of beginners and pros, and how he finds it extremely useful in music production.

Jewell Fortenberry "Jay Dub" is a composer, arranger, songwriter, and performer of contemporary music from Atalanta, USA. He has performed at major events such as the National black arts festival of America. He has played the keyboard alongside artists like Usher and Kenny Lattimore. He is also the music producer for The Author and Emcee Heretic.

 Donner DDP-80 review by Jay Dub

Hello, my name is Jewell Fortenberry and today I'm here to tell you all about the DDP-80 digital piano made for you by Donner Music.

It is an 88-key hammer keyboard built to give you that authentic grand piano touch that you will need whether you are a performer or a composer or even a student.

And it feels great to use from entry-level pianists to even trained professionals that will focus on that hyper-realistic field.

Donner DDP-80 exterior review by Jay Dub

Donner Music is not just concerned with functionality but also the look of its instruments. Hence its slogan: Modern home aesthetic, classic piano quality.

You can see that idea realized in the body of the DDP-80 with the beautiful wood finish and its space-saving design that gives you that vintage look and will ascend any area of your home with beauty.

The keyboard itself is a digital sampler that is powered by the latest top French Dream Sound source, built to give you the most realistic audio possible for whatever your stylistic needs may be.

Donner DDP-80 keyboard review by Jay Dub

If you take a look at the keyboard, you can see it comes with all the refinements that would be expected of a high-class instrument. It has a headphone jack perfect for practicing at home and keeping it quiet, so you don't disturb your neighbors, or if you want to really zero in while doing your recording and keep out that outside noise.

It has an audio output jack for attaching the keyboard to a larger speaker or amp, in case you really want that bigger sound to cover a larger area or to entertain a bigger audience.

 Donner DDP-80 review by Jay Dub

Of course, it has a usual sustain pedal socket for attaching the sustain pedal that comes included with the keyboard itself. It even has a USB port so you can connect your keyboard to a computer.

This keyboard comes with its own pre-installed music software that you can load onto your personal computer so you can practice or compose with the accompanying music it also comes with. That will help you start sounding like a professional in no time.

 Donner DDP-80 accessory review by Jay Dub

It comes standard with the music stand so you do not have to weigh yourself down bringing your own bulky attachment. You can play your music in a comfortable position with ease.

It even comes with its own legs. In cases where you do not have your own keyboard stand, you don't have to worry because you will be prepared and ready to go right out of the box.

 Donner DDP-80 with stand review by Jay Dub

We are sure you will be pleased with your DDP-80 digital keyboard and everything it has to offer an aspiring or even accomplished musician. Be sure you turn to Donner for all your future musical needs.


You can also enjoy Jewell's amazing performance in the full video review on YouTube.



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