DED-500 VS DED-500 Pro: Why is the DED-500 Pro Priced Higher in the Top Series of Electronic Drums?

Positioned in the premium market, the DONNER DED-500 and DED-500 Pro are ideal choices for electronic drum players and professional drummers. While they both belong to the same series of top electronic drums, the price of the DED-500 Pro is higher than that of the DED-500. What is the reason behind this? Today, we will explore the features of these two models and compare the differences between them.

The DONNER DED-500 features a unified stand design, with all components and drum pads compactly integrated for easy installation and disassembly. This design is a great convenience for drummers with limited space and those who need to carry equipment frequently. However, for drummers seeking a more authentic acoustic drum experience, this unified design may have its limitations.


In this aspect, the DED-500 Pro takes a significant step forward. As an advanced version in the series, the DED-500 Pro is equipped with an independent hi-hat function. Unlike electronic hi-hats combined with traditional hi-hat stands, the independent hi-hat can more realistically mimic the performance of acoustic drums, providing a more natural playing experience. This allows drummers to freely control the opening and closing of the hi-hat, offering more expressive and flexible performance.


Additionally, the independent hi-hat also means more lifelike playing feedback, which is undoubtedly a significant upgrade for drummers pursuing ultimate performance. Of course, these additional features explain why the DED-500 Pro is more expensive than the DED-500.

Independent Hi-hat

Drum kits consist of multiple components, each with its unique role: the hi-hat is used to control and maintain the beat, the snare drum provides a sharp and clear sound, the drum set is used to play rhythms and fill music, and the bass drum provides the basic rhythm and deep sound of the music. Each component can be personalized and adjusted to meet the requirements of different songs and playing styles.

In conclusion, both the DONNER DED-500 and DED-500 Pro are excellent choices for electronic drums. The price difference is primarily due to the inclusion of the independent hi-hat in the DED-500 Pro and its further ability to mimic a real drum experience. Whether you are a beginner or a professional drummer, understanding your equipment and their respective functions will help you make the best choice for your needs.

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