Donner Australian new product ddp60 keyboard sincerely launched

Get ready for a music revolution on Amazon Prime Day! Donner, a famous manufacturer of musical instruments and audio equipment, launched its latest masterpiece in Australia: Donner DDP60 keyboard. Currently on sale in the US, the DDP60 is sure to take your musical journey to new heights with its sleek design, cutting-edge features, and outstanding performance. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned musician, this keyboard is sure to be a game-changer. So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a musical adventure like never before!


DDP-60 Digital Piano Introduction:

DDP-60 is the entry-level version of DDP-80 with more functions and lower price! It's an 88-key full-size semi-weighted digital piano that strikes the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Designed for gamers who are still developing their tactility, the semi-weighted keys are touch-sensitive for realistic feel and response.

Premium Sound:

Experience the captivating world of sound with the DDP-60. With 128 polyphonic tones, 128 voices, 83 rhythms, 47 demo songs, and 4 reverb effects, this digital piano offers a wide range of expressive possibilities. Two built-in 15W speakers deliver powerful, room-filling sound for an immersive music experience.


Teacher friendly:

The DDP-60's Dual Mode allows two people to play the same range at the same time, making it a great tool for teaching or duet. Additionally, two headphone outputs located below the piano enable duo performance without disturbing others. Whether you're a music teacher or just enjoy playing with friends, the DDP-60 offers endless possibilities.


Versatile connections:

Connectivity is key, and the DDP-60 offers a variety of options. It includes a 1/4" sustain pedal input (containing three piano-style pedals), two 1/4" stereo headphone outputs for private practice, and a stereo output for connecting external speakers or amplifiers. Whether you're performing on stage or practicing solo, the DDP-60 has you covered.


Minimalist design:

 With its minimalist design, the DDP-60 fits seamlessly into any living space. Prioritizing natural expression in product design, Donner creates pianos that are not just instruments, but elegant works of art. Let your music fill the room while adding a touch of sophistication to your surroundings.


88 Key Semi-Weighted Digital Piano:

With its 88 standard-sized semi-weighted keys, the DDP-60 offers a realistic playing experience that closely resembles that of an acoustic piano. The keys have a balanced feel, striking a perfect balance between weight and responsiveness.


Premium Sounds and Room-Filling Sound:

Experience the richness of the DDP-60's premium sounds. With 128-note maximum polyphony and 128 voices, you have an extensive range of expressive tones at your fingertips. Additionally, the piano features 83 built-in rhythms and 47 demo songs, offering versatility and inspiration for your musical journey.


To further enhance your playing experience, the DDP-60 includes four reverb effects, allowing you to customize the sound and add depth and ambience to your performance. The two built-in 15W speakers provide powerful sound reproduction, filling the room with your music.


With its premium sound, versatile connectivity options, minimalist design, and teacher-friendly features, the Donner DDP-60 will be the perfect companion on the beginner's musical journey. There will also be exclusive discounts on Amazon Prime Day, don't miss this new experience!



Q: Is the Donner DDP60 good for beginners?

A: Yes, the Donner DDP60 is suitable for beginners. It includes interactive learning features that provide structured lessons to help beginners develop their playing skills step by step. Intuitive controls, touch-sensitive buttons, and a diverse library of sounds make it an excellent choice for those starting their musical journey.


Q: Can I connect the Donner DDP60 piano to a computer or other device?

Answer: Of course! The Donner DDP60 features USB-MIDI and MIDI ports, allowing you to connect it to computers, smartphones, tablets and other MIDI compatible devices. This enables seamless integration with music production software, virtual instruments and digital audio workstations to enhance creativity and expand possibilities.


Q: How is the build quality of the Donner DDP60 pianos?

A: Donner DDP60 pianos are designed with solid build quality for durability. Its compact size and sleek black finish give it an attractive look, and its ergonomic layout adds to playing comfort. Built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, this keyboard is perfect for stage performances and studio settings.


Q: Can I use headphones with the Donner DDP60 piano?

A: Yes, the Donner DDP60 includes a headphone output, allowing you to practice and enjoy playing in private without disturbing others. This feature is especially useful for late night practice or when you just want to focus on your performance.

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