Donner HUSH-I vs HUSH-X Guitar: Which One Is Right for You?

Donner's HUSH series guitars are designed for the traveling musician, offering two models: the HUSH-I and HUSH-X. Both feature headless designs, detachable frames, and silent practice capabilities for easy transport and quiet playing.


  • Similarities

Headless Design: Reduces guitar weight and length for convenient travel and carry-on luggage.
Portable and Lightweight: HUSH-I weighs 7.3 pounds, and HUSH-X weighs only 4.4 pounds, making them easy to carry for long periods.
Detachable Frame: Allows for easy assembly and disassembly; both guitar packages include all accessories for immediate setup and playing.
Silent Practice: Powered by a 9V battery, enjoy 50 hours of silent practice through headphones, no matter the time or place.

 Donner Hush-I vs Hush-X

  • Differences

Guitar Structure and Pickups: HUSH-I utilizes a piezo pickup for an acoustic sound, while HUSH-X features a magnetic pickup for an electric sound.
Tonal Characteristics: HUSH-I suits folk and fingerstyle playing, while HUSH-X is ideal for rock and blues styles.
Control Panel Location: HUSH-I's panel sits above the body for easy adjustments, while HUSH-X's panel is located below for a cleaner aesthetic.

 Donner Hush-I vs Hush-X

  • Which One to Choose?

The choice between HUSH-I and HUSH-X depends on your playing style and needs:
For those who prefer an acoustic sound and need a portable practice guitar, the HUSH-I is the perfect choice.
For those who prefer an electric sound and require a versatile travel guitar, the HUSH-X is the best option.
Whichever you choose, Donner's Hush series guitars empower you to enjoy music anytime, anywhere.


  • Use cases:
Practicing while traveling
Late-night home practice
Small gigs
Music creation

The Donner HUSH-I and HUSH-X guitars are excellent choices for traveling musicians. With their portable, silent features, they let you enjoy music whenever and wherever inspiration strikes. Choose the guitar that suits you best and embark on your musical journey!
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