Donner Wireless Page Turner Pedal for Digital Devices (Black)

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This Donner wireless  page turner pedal is a perfect controller for Mac, PC, iOS or Android. You can use it to turn pages of music, scroll through lyrics or guitar tabs, control a teleprompter, or control the playback of media.

High Quality

This pedal has a 32ft+ (10m+) wireless range, 50+ hours on a single charge using the built-in rechargeable battery, reliable page turning (turn one page only with one press), convenient and simple blue-tooth control, and no wires to get in the way. It’s easy to use. There’s no installation. Just press the button to turn the page.

5 Control Modes

On the center panel are five buttons representing five modes. The different modes are used to send different commands to your device. The left and right foot switches can emulate left and right arrow keys, page up/down, left and right mouse clicks, or the space and enter keys depending on the mode. (Note: different apps use different keys to turn pages, so make sure to experiment with the different modes to determine which works with your app.

Useful with Many Apps

This device works with numerous apps for Apple, iOS, Android devices, PCs and Macs. Reading apps including forScore, OnSong, NextPage, MusicReader4, Teleprompt+3, Paperless Music, piaScore, DD GigBook and many others will work simply by connecting the unit and setting the right mode. (These applications are not included and may have additional costs)

Step 1

Open your device, Settings - Bluetooth - Click the "Bluetooth" icon to turn on the Bluetooth function.

Step 2

When Bluetooth search goes out "Bluetooth Music Pedal". Click it. When the system prompts "Connected", the pairing is successful

  • TypeWireless Page Turner Pedal
  • Operating Frequency2402-2480 MHz
  • Net Weight230g
  • Batteries1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
  • Operating Distance10M / 33 Ft
  • Dimension7.09*5.51*0.87in
  • ColorBlack
  • Product ManualsPage Turner Pedal Manuals.pdf

    Ask a Question
    • Hi, does the page turner work with Microsoft Word documents? Cheers, Greg


      Yes, the Donner Page Turner Pedal is compatible with Microsoft Word documents. This pedal allows you to conveniently turn pages in Word documents without touching the keyboard. By connecting the pedal to your computer and configuring its settings as needed, you can easily navigate through your Word documents using the pedal's simulated arrow key functions.

      Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or need further assistance.

      Thank you!

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