Discover the Latest Addition to the HUSH Family! Uncover the Unique Features of the HUSH-I Pro Guitar

Two years have passed since the release of the first product in the DONNER HUSH series, the HUSH-I. During this time, it has proven itself as a standout in the portable headless guitar market, winning over countless musicians. As one of DONNER's flagship products, the R&D team has continuously worked to refine the HUSH-I, striving for a more authentic sound and improved playability. This dedication led to the creation of the HUSH-X. Now, a year after the HUSH-X launch, we are thrilled to introduce the third-generation HUSH series: the HUSH-I Pro. This article will explore the similarities and differences between these three models, helping you decide which one best suits your needs.


Weight and Portability: All three models - HUSH-I, HUSH-X, and HUSH-I Pro - are remarkably lightweight, tipping the scales at approximately xx pounds. This makes them incredibly portable, as each can easily fit into a gig bag and be carried onto an airplane.

HUSH series guitars can all be carried on a plane

Design: The HUSH series is known for its portable headless design with detachable upper and lower frames, maintaining a consistent design language across all models. This makes them not only easy to transport but also stylish and sleek in appearance.



  • HUSH-I and HUSH-I Pro: Both are equipped with piezo pickups, which are excellent at replicating the natural sound of an acoustic guitar.
  • HUSH-X: This model features electric guitar pickups, providing a distinct electric guitar sound.

Sound Effects:

  • HUSH-I Pro: Boasts the most comprehensive range of built-in sound effects, making it incredibly versatile for various music styles.

The HUSH-I Pro has built-in effects tones
  • HUSH-X: Offers the unique sound of an electric guitar, perfect for rock and other electric genres.
  • HUSH-I: Focuses on delivering pure acoustic guitar sound without additional effects.

Comparison chart 

Which One Should You Buy?

  • For Acoustic Sound Enthusiasts: If you love the natural tone of an acoustic guitar and require impeccable sound replication, the HUSH-I or HUSH-I Pro will be your best options. The HUSH-I Pro takes it up a notch with a broader range of built-in sound effects, making it more versatile.

HUSH-I Pro sound effect modes inside

  • For Electric Guitar Enthusiasts: If your music leans more towards electric genres, the HUSH-X is designed to satisfy your needs with its electric guitar pickups and corresponding effects.

In conclusion, the DONNER HUSH series offers guitars tailored to the needs of different musicians. Whether you're an acoustic aficionado or an electric guitar enthusiast, there's a HUSH model for you. The newly launched HUSH-I Pro takes versatility and sound quality to new heights, making it a compelling choice for those who demand the best of both worlds.

Discover your perfect HUSH guitar today and take your music wherever you go!

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