This Guitar Revolutionizes Traditional Acoustic Guitar Playing: HUSH-I Pro with Enhanced Sound and Versatile Features

The HUSH-I Pro, an upgraded version of the HUSH-I, is set to debut soon. Retaining the classic family design of the HUSH series, the HUSH-I Pro introduces more visually appealing aesthetics and innovative functionalities. Let's explore the new features of the HUSH-I Pro together!

Enhanced Sound Effects

To meet the expectations of pedal players, the HUSH-I Pro adopts a bold design approach. After relentless development, it now offers 18 sound effects, over 20 cabinet sound simulations, and 20 IRs, breaking conventions and allowing different effect combinations to interact in unique ways. Enjoy multiple sound effect modes and master various styles with ease.

  • Overdrive, Compressor, Boost, Bypass
  • 5 Modulation Effects: Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Flanger, AutoWah
  • 5 Delay Effects: Analog, Echo, Dual, Tremolo, Lofi
  • 5 Reverb Effects: Room, Hall, Spring, Cloud, Shimmer

Lightweight Design

Continuing the classic headless design of the HUSH acoustic series, the HUSH-I Pro redefines the classics. To offer users ultimate portability, the entire guitar is more compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry and store.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Carry: The guitar weighs approximately 1.7 kg, making it effortless to lift and carry.
  • Detachable Upper and Lower Racks: These can be quickly removed and paired with a gig bag for easy transport, eliminating the need for checked baggage.

Quick-Detach Racks (Upgraded): The quick-detach upper and lower racks allow for rapid removal, supporting seamless transitions between different usage scenarios. Whether traveling, touring, rehearsing, or bedroom playing, the stage is yours.

Intelligent Interaction

To facilitate parameter adjustments, HUSH-I Pro developers have created a compatible app. For fine-tuning or updating sound parameters, you can use the smart app on both computer and mobile devices for comprehensive editing and control. You can also back up preset sound parameters for quick access at any time. (*Import/export IR on computer/mobile app for quick sound parameter adjustments)


The DONNER HUSH-I PRO combines the portability and minimalist design of the HUSH-I (the first generation of the HUSH series guitars) with more guitar sound effects for users to choose from. This is what makes the "PRO" in HUSH-I PRO. If you are a guitarist who pursues excellent guitar sound, you definitely shouldn't miss the HUSH-I PRO.


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