Donner Takes Center Stage: Highlights from Music China 2023

From October 11th to October 14th, the global musical community gathered at the Shanghai New International Expo Center for the highly-anticipated Music China 2023 exhibition. Among the stars of the show was Donner, an innovative music technology brand, eager to share the latest in their impressive lineup of musical instruments and technology. Let's delve into the harmonious crescendo that was Donner's presence at Music China 2023.

Introducing the Future of Music: Donner's Showcase

REVO Smart Guitar

Donner, renowned for its focus on independent research and development, showcased the REVO smart guitar at Music China 2023. This groundbreaking instrument, embedded with Donner's DMI intelligent system, redefines how we play and learn. The system can analyze every note played, offering intelligent feedback. The RGB fingerboard guides players with customizable notes, chords, scales, and colors, making practice more efficient and inspiring. Donner's commitment to creating musical moments reached new heights with the REVO smart guitar.


Donner's relentless exploration of music technology led to the introduction of MEDO, a portable music creation device. MEDO supports subtractive synthesis and PCM real sound samples, allowing external sounds to be incorporated into performances. With a built-in loop function and gesture interaction, it becomes a tool for inspired creation and recording of diverse music styles. MEDO is poised to become a game-changer in the realm of music creation.

HUSH-X Electric Guitar

Donner introduced the best-selling HUSH-X electric guitar, a part of the HUSH series, designed for advanced players. Its lightweight, headless design and detachable body offer a practice guitar that can be played in noisy environments while delivering pure tones. With the HUSH-X, musicians can plug in headphones or speakers wherever they are to embark on their musical journey.

Diverse Instruments That Captivated Audiences

In addition to the star attractions, Donner's diverse lineup of instruments also drew significant attention at Music China 2023. The DDP-80, DDP-200, DDP-400 and  more digital pianos, elegantly showcased in the venue, enticed a large number of viewers to try them, showcasing their versatility and rich sound. Donner's electronic drums, the DED-200 and DED-500, proved to be immensely popular, with attendees eager to experience the power and precision of these innovative percussion instruments.

A Crescendo of Music and Innovation

The Music China 2023 exhibition marked a momentous occasion for the world of music, and Donner's participation was a crescendo of innovation and creativity. The REVO smart guitar, MEDO, and HUSH-X electric guitar exemplify Donner's mission to create musical moments for all. As the event came to a close, Donner's role in shaping the future of music was evident, offering new horizons and endless possibilities in the realm of musical instruments and technology.


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