DONNER MEDO Portable Multi-Function Musical Synthesizer

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Donner's MEDO: A highly anticipated and innovative music device
  • Record sound without apps: This product allows you to record sound in as little as 5 seconds without using any other apps.
  • Powerful motor: the device has a powerful motor that delivers clear, high-quality recordings.
  • Portable: thanks to its compact size and light weight, you can easily take this product anywhere and record sound wherever you want.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS: Whether you're a beginner or advanced, this product is suitable for all levels, allowing you to record sound easily and effectively.
  • LOOPER, RGB LIGHTING, DRUMS, CHORDS AND BASS FEATURES: This product gives you extra features such as the Looper, RGB lighting effects, and drums, chords, and bass features to make your recordings more fun and versatile.

Introducing Donner MEDO, a revolutionary music instrument designed to unlock the musical creativity within everyone. Whether you're an aspiring musician or simply looking to explore the world of sound, MEDO's user-friendly interface and multi-functional design make it the perfect companion for musical exploration.

With its innovative features, MEDO transforms the way we interact with music. Experience the freedom to record sounds effortlessly in just 5 seconds, all without the need for any additional apps. Powered by a robust engine, MEDO features a remarkable array of functions, from its versatile drum, bass, chord, lead and more options to its dynamic looper, all-in-one and portable design, and captivating RGB lights that enhance your musical journey.
With MEDO, crafting music is a seamless and enjoyable experience, thanks to its intuitive functions that enable effortless music creation. Whether you're a seasoned musician or just beginning your musical journey, MEDO's user-friendly features empower you to produce music with ease. Explore its diverse capabilities and start your musical exploration today.
A video showcasing the soundtrack created and performed using the MEDO

Unleash your creativity with MEDO's innovative sampling function and integrated microphone, allowing you to effortlessly record real-life sounds. Transform everyday sounds into artistic expressions with a simple touch, all within a mere 5 seconds. MEDO empowers you to capture the essence of your surroundings and seamlessly incorporate them into your musical compositions, all without the need for any external apps.
MEDO redefines musical exploration through its recording and looper functions. Effortlessly capture your musical ideas with the recording feature, preserving your creativity at the touch of a button. Elevate your compositions with the dynamic looper, enabling you to layer, experiment, and build intricate soundscapes. Whether you're a solo artist or collaborating with others, MEDO's recording and looper functions provide a canvas for endless sonic possibilities.
A video showcasing the Loop Record functionality.
MEDO welcomes individuals of all ages and skill levels, catering to both seasoned professionals and curious beginners alike. Its intuitive design and versatile features ensure that anyone can dive into the world of music creation, making MEDO a truly inclusive instrument that fosters creativity and musical exploration for everyone.
MEDO introduces a new dimension of musical interaction with its gesture-controlled play feature. Seamlessly control your music through intuitive gestures, adding a tactile and expressive element to your compositions. Whether you're adjusting parameters, adding effects, or modulating sounds, MEDO's gesture-controlled play empowers you to shape your music in a way that feels natural and immersive, offering a truly unique and engaging musical experience.
MEDO's captivating RGB lighting enhances your musical journey by adding a visual dimension to your creations. The vibrant and dynamic RGB lights not only create an immersive atmosphere but also provide a visual representation of your music's rhythm and mood. Whether you're performing on stage, jamming with friends, or simply indulging in a solo creative session, MEDO's RGB lighting adds an element of spectacle to your musical expression, making your experience both audibly and visually engaging.
Despite its powerful capabilities, MEDO Features a compact size that makes it incredibly portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. Whether you're composing on the go, collaborating with friends, or simply seeking inspiration outside of your usual space, MEDO's compact design ensures that your musical creativity is never confined by location. Its portability allows you to seamlessly integrate music into your lifestyle, transforming any environment into a potential stage for your artistic expression.
MEDO's built-in speakers serve as a versatile audio output, allowing you to directly hear the sounds it generates without the need for external equipment. Additionally, the ability to connect to third-party devices further expands your sonic possibilities. Whether you're enjoying your creations privately or sharing them with a larger audience, MEDO's built-in speakers and external connectivity ensure that your music is delivered with clarity and precision, adapting to your preferred listening experience.
MEDO goes beyond the ordinary with a myriad of features designed to empower your musical journey. With an impressive 128 bars, you have ample space to craft intricate compositions that evolve over time. The tweak progress function allows you to refine and fine-tune your creations, ensuring that every detail aligns with your artistic vision. Switch keys effortlessly to explore different tonalities and moods, adding depth and variety to your music. These additional features make MEDO an all-encompassing musical tool, providing you with the tools you need to fully realize your creative potential.


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  • How can I order this?

    You can visit MEDO's Kickstarter campaign for more information and to pre-order.

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